A New Wave of Ideas: Young Global Citizens facing the Sustainability of Urban Food Systems - Food Wave

A New Wave of Ideas: Young Global Citizens facing the Sustainability of Urban Food Systems

15 February 2021 - 18 February 2021
Fondazione ACRA

23 young activists, students and professionals from Burkina Faso and several European countries shared initiatives, projects and proposals to make urban food systems more sustainable. From family and community urban horticulture to social agriculture, from new forms of consumer awareness to combating food waste, passing through innovative and creative forms of marketing, many experiences and proposals were discussed by the participants.

This Food Wave activity has beeing organised by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Secretariat, the City of Ouagadougou, the City of Milan – Comune di Milano, and ACRA – co-funded by AICS and EU.


About Fondazione ACRA

ACRA is a non-governmental, lay and independent organisation, founded in Milan in 1968 and committed for over fifty years to fighting poverty through sustainable, innovative and participatory solutions. It works together with local communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to guarantee the right of access to food, water, education, energy, for the protection and preservation of the environment. In Europe and Italy it promotes a culture of dialogue, integration, intercultural exchange and solidarity.


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The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is an international agreement of Mayors. It is more than a declaration, it is a concrete working tool for cities. It is composed by a preamble and a Framework for Action listing 37 recommended actions, clustered in 6 categories. For each recommended action there are specific indicators to monitor progresses in implementing the Pact. The Milan Pact Awards offer concrete examples of the food policies that cities are implementing in each of the 6 Pact categories.