Digital Cooking Contest - Food Wave

Digital Cooking Contest

9 May 2021 - 5 June 2021
Erasmus Student Network

The Digital Cooking Contest sees the young exchange students in Italy as protagonists in a cooking competition on “Recipes from the world”. The participation consists in the preparation of a dish of the culinary tradition of their home country, describing the recipe of the dish and enriching it with the story that the dish brings with it, all told through pictures. Participants has to use recycled food with a low environmental impact, to minimize waste and to show their “recovery dishes”. The winners for the best use of the lowest environmental impact food, will have the opportunity to participate in a real Masterclass led by a well-known chef.


About Erasmus Student Network

ESN Italy is a no-profit university volunteer associations’ Network, that offers its services to foreign students hosted by Italian universities and to Italian agencies interested in exchange programs, One of its main aim it to promote university students’ mobility in Europe: welcoming and helping foreign students whom are spending a study period in an Italian university; providing an updated information service over european inter-university exchange programs; developing a systematic evaluation of these programs, through the experience of students that have already taken part to. ESN Italy is formed by 54 Active Sections all over Italy.